Post #1: Introduction

So to get the old blog up and running I figured a few introduction were in order, because I wouldn’t expect you to take advice from a stranger (word to the kids we lost to windowless vans).



Poor kids just wanted some used wigs at low, low prices…and candy I assume?

Nelder’s the name Nutrition’s the…major I picked in university and I need a return on my investment plus you learn a thing or two worth sharing for a couple grand. Basically I`ll be breaking down the science in a way anyone can understand, presenting in what I hope is an entertaining way and hopefully you`ll learn something along the way. I`ll try to focus on more interesting lesser known things. An example of things you wont find are “OMG saturated fats lead to weight gain!” things you will see are “alcohol increases life span, how tickled am I?” or perhaps “The benefits of a high BBQ diet”. Absolutely no evidence exists for that last one but if there is any, this is the best place to learn about it.

Got a question? Send it along. Got an idea for an article? Send her up. Got a girl pregnant and don`t know how to tell your significant other? Go to hell! I`m not even trying to deal with that (I`d break it to her via interpretive dance, just a suggestion).

I`ll only be using reliable sources like pubmed, elsevier, etc., so don`t expect any overlap with me and the homepage (ex. 10 ways to slim down for summer and be terribly misinformed!)

So in summary, I`m just trying to offer some advice you can really benefit from, alert you to some of the dangers associated with all those shwag diets out there and convince you to give me your credit card number!


The hell you are…

Ok I can do without the credit card number…Oh animated FBI agent, shouldn’t you be more concerned with that windowless wig van?
Well that does it for now, I`ll try to keep it frequent.


One thought on “Post #1: Introduction

  1. Excellent. let’s start by this whole 2 day fasting malarky. So far I’ve lasted til 11.30am on day one. ..not stellar I grant you. Looking forward to reading more. Consider yourself followed…(sounds creepy)


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